The below has be done on an ASUS Merlin flashed router. This will also work on newer ASUS model routers
OpenVPN Server Profiles

Download Here

  1. Download our OpenVPN Server Profiles and extract the .ZIP file
  2. Log into your router via web browser
  3. Click on VPN
  4. Click on OpenVPN Clients > Choose File > Select one of the files form the .ZIP you extracted > Upload
  5. Once file has been imported, all basic settings should be filled out like the below. If not please change to look like the below image

    Be sure to enter in your VPN username and password

  6. Your Advanced settings should pre-populate and look something ike the below
  7. Important

    Because we have enabled IPv6 support on our servers, the below setting may need to be set.

    Click on IPv6 > and select Tunnel 6to4. Leave all other fields blank
  8. Go back up to Service State and click on the slider button to activate the VPN
Updated on September 16, 2019

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