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Bind Torrent Client to VPN

Binding the Torrent client to the VPN gives an extra layer of protection in case the VPN ever drops out. It will stop your torrent downloads


  1. Tools > Options

    qbittorrent options bind vpn

  2. Click Advanced and in the Network Interface field, select OpenVPN TAP-Windows6 

    qbittorrent advanced bind vpn adapter

  3. Restart the qBittorrent app



  1. Go to Settings

    Deluge Settings

  2. Click Network and enter in the Adapter name in the Outgoing Interface field.

    Deluge Network Settings bind to VPN

Adapter Name

In windows it will be TAP-Windows Provider V9. ¬†You can you also check Device Manager under “Network Adapters”

For Linux, you can check by running “ip add show” in terminal

Deluge device manager network adapter name

Updated on May 11, 2023
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