Celo Linux Client

The below

Will show you how to setup Celo’s OpenVPN client on Debian & Redhat based Distro’s (Fedora, CentOS, Mint, Ubuntu etc)

Celo OpenVPN Client

Download Here

  1. Download the Linux OpenVPN package
  2. Extact/Uncompress the .ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Double click on the package that is for your system
    – i686.RPM = 32bit Redhat based systems (Fedora, CenOS etc)
    – i386.DEB = 32bit Debian based systems (Ubuntu, Mint etc)
    – 64.RPM = 64bit Redhat based systems (Fedora, CenOS etc)
    – amd64.DEB = 64bit Debian based systems (Ubuntu, Mint etc)
  4. Your system will open another window with the system package manager. Click on Install
  5. Enter in your VPN username (not your password) and password
  6. Click on the Server/Location Name or Flag icon to change server and port
  7. From the list Select a server/location and a port then click Connect
  8. If prompted, enter in the root/superuser account password
Updated on November 7, 2018

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