Firefox with socks5

Our SOCKS5 Proxy Server List


    1. Open up Firefox and go to the Add-ons site/storeSearch for FoxyProxy > Continue to download > Add to FirefoxFoxyProxy-Addon-StoreFirefox-FoxyProxy-Add-To-Firefox
    2. Click on Install > then Restart
    3. Click on the FoxyProxy icon > OptionsFirefox-FoxyProxy-Button
    4. Click on Addfirefox foxyproxy add
    5. Enter in a SOCKS5 Proxy server > port > your vpn username (not your email) and password (see below image)
    6. Click Save
    7. Click on the FoxyProxy icon > Select the proxy server setting you just setup
Updated on May 22, 2023
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