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How To Setup OpenVPN Split Tunneling on Windows

Route all traffic via the VPN except certain IP addresses

  1. Open up a terminal / command prompt and run the command “nslookup yourwebsite.com” (in our example we will be using ipinfo.io)

    As you can see, ipinfo.io website only has one IP address,, so we will add this using OpenVPN

    nslookup ipinfo split tunnel openvpn

  2. Open up File Explorer or Run and type in %userprofile%

    file explorer userprofile slit tunneling openvpn

  3. In your “userprofile” folder, go to OpenVPN > config > Server location Folder.
    Right click on the config file and open up in Notepad

    split tunnel openvpn config file

  4. Add the following “route xx.xx.xx.xx net_gateway” just above <ca> line.  xx.xx.xx.xx being the IP address/s that shows up in the nslookup

    split tunnel openvpn route add line

  5. Save changes to the file
Updated on May 5, 2023
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