iOS OpenVPN Server Profiles

Download Here


You can download the openvpn profiles zip file to your computer (link above) > extract it and email the .ovpn file you want to yourself. Jump to step 7 if you choose to do this

  1. Go to the App Store > Download/Install OpenVPN Connect application
  2. Download the iOS OpenVPN server profiles
  3. Tap on More > Save To Files > Select iCloud Drive > Add
  4. Open up the Files App > iCloud Drive > Select the .ZIP you downloaded and saved and above
  5. Tap on Preview Contentios-openvpn-preview-zip
  6. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines icon (bottom or top right) and scroll through the list.
  7. Select a profile > Tap the share (square with up arrow) icon > Copy to OpenVPN
  8. Tap on Add
  9. Enter in a title for the profile (can be anything you like)
    – Enter in your VPN User Name (not your email)
    – Tap “Save password” and enter in your password
    – Tap Add in the top right once done
  10. Tap on the slider to connect and disconnectios-openvpn-connect

Each OVPN file corresponds to a single VPN server. Repeat the above steps to add multiple servers into the OpenVPN App


You will find that when your phone locks, OpenVPN will disconnect/sleep/pause. This is totally normal as its designed to conserve battery

Updated on July 21, 2019

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