OpenVPN Connect on Android

Android OpenVPN Server Profiles

Download Here

  1. From the Google Play Store > Search for “Openvpn Connect” and install it
  2. From our Downloads section, download the Android OpenVPN Server Profiles and open it (link above)

    android openvpn download profiles

  3. Select the downloaded file and Unzip

    android openvpn unzip

  4. Navigate into the uncompress folder and pick a server location you would like to use

    android openvpn chooe vpn server

  5. Tap on the .ovpn file and select open with OpenVPN app then tap ok to importandroid openvpn import with openvpn connect

    android openvpn import

  6. Enter in a name for the connection (can be anything you like), your VPN username (not your emai) and password > then tap Add

    android openvpn details add profile

  7. Tap on the slider to connect to the server

    android openvpn connect to vpn server


Multiple servers can be imported and saved in the Openvpn Connect App. Repeat the above steps.

Edit/Remove a server

Tap on the pencil icon

android openvpn connect edit connection

Updated on February 7, 2020
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