Torrent Speeds

If you are experiencing slow torrent speeds please try the below
  • Make sure you are connected to a torrent friendly server that is closest to your location.  Server list can be found HERE
  • Connect to our servers via the OpenVPN protocol
  • Try connecting to our OpenVPN servers on different ports.
    • For example TCP 443, UDP 53 or UDP 1194.  Speed wise we suggest using and trying UDP 1194 first.
      To Change Ports

      Follow Steps 7 and 8

  • Try a different torrent client.  Some clients will work better over a VPN better than others
  • In your torrent client, set your bittorrent protocol encryption to “Prefer Encryption” or “Enable Encryption” (not Disable Encryption or Require Encryption), this will allow you to connect to more peers in the torrent swarm
  • If you have any blacklists enabled in your client, disable them to see if speeds improve
  • Follow our torrent client setup guides and see if any of the suggested settings help
Updated on December 12, 2018
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