How to setup V2RayW

v2ray Server List

V2Ray/Vmess server list HERE


Download V2RayW from here

  1. Log a support ticket and specify what server you would like.  Support will send you all the server details (for step 4)
  2. Download and uncompress V2RayW.zip (from the above link)
  3. Launch V2RayW and go to configurewidnwos v2rayw-vmess configure
  4. Enter in (these details will be sent to you)
    Server address
    User ID
    Alter ID
    Tag (connection name)
  5. Set security to autowindows v2rayw-vmess server settings
  6. Set V2RayW to Global modewindows v2rayw-vmess globbal mode
  7. Go to your browsers settings and set connection settings to use system proxy (like below)windows v2rayw-vmess browser system proxy
Updated on May 22, 2023
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