Vuze with Socks5

Our SOCKS5 Proxy Server List


  1. Open Vuze client > Tools > Options > And select Advanced
  2. Click on Connection and confgiure your client to look like below. Your ports can be left as default or you can change these to whatever works best for youvuze-connection-settings
  3. Expand Connection > Proxy > This is where you’ll setup a SOCSK5 server. Enter in a proxy server of your choice

    Use your VPN username and password

  4. Tranceport Encryption > Make sure RC4 is selected.vuze-transport-encryption
  5. Transfer > Enable the option “Use lazy bitfield”vuze-transfer
  6. IP Filters > Enable > Copy And Paste one of the below URL’s in the IP filter file to autoload > Then click on Load Now


  7. Tracker > Clientvuze-tracker-client-settings
Updated on May 22, 2023
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