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Windows 10 – Manually Setup SSTP

SSTP Server List


  1. Go to your start menu, and type in “network”. In the search results click on “Network and Sharing Center”
  2. Select Connect to a workplace and click Next
  3. Click on Use My Internet Conection (VPN)
  4. Enter in the internet address of the server you would like to connect too, enter in a name (this can be anything) then Create
  5. Network and Sharing Center window should still be opened. Click on Change Adapter Settings
  6. Right Click on the new connection you made, then go to Properties
  7. Go to the Security Tab, and change your properties to be the same as the below image. Press OK once done
  8. Double click on the VPN connection, Click on the connection name, then Connect
  9. Enter in your VPN username (not your email) and password > then Ok. Your computer will now be connecting to the server via the SSTP protocol
  10. To easily access your VPN connections in Windows 10, go to your notification center in the task bar and click on VPN button. This will bring up the list of VPN connections available, or simple create a shortcut on your Desktop.
Updated on November 7, 2018

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