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OpenVPN Server Profiles

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  1. Download our OpenVPN Server Profiles and extract the .ZIP file
  2. On your Chrome Book, enter terminal mode. To do this press CTRL + ALT + T
  3. You will be presented with a black screen. Type in “shell” (like below)
  4. Enter in the command
    sudo shill --device-black-list=tun0



    If you have not changed any system usernames/passwords try one of the following for the sudo/root password: facepunch, chronos, chroneos, chrome, chromeos

  5. Type in
    sudo openvpn ~/Downloads/client.ovpn
  6. Enter in the root password (like above)
  7. Enter in your vpn username (not your email) and password
  8. If connection is sucessfully you should see “Initialization Sequence Complete”

    To disconnect from the VPN, press CTRL+C


If you are connected, leave the TAB/Window open otherwise you will get disconnected from the VPN.


Updated on November 6, 2018

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