IKEv2 Windows

IKEv2 Server List


  1. Click Start > type in vpn > click “Change virtual private networks”ikev2-windows-10-vpn 
  2. Click on “Add a VPN Connection”ikev2-windows-10-add-vpn-connection 
  3. Select Windows (built-in)
    – Enter in a name for the connection (can be anything)
    – Enter in the server name you want to setup – Our list can be found HERE
    – Select IKEv2 type
    – Select Username and Password for sign in info
    – Enter in your VPN username (not your email) and password
    – Click Saveikev2-windows-10-vpn-settings 
  4. Select the connection you just created and hit Connectikev2-windows-10-connect
Updated on January 11, 2019

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