Windows Client Setup

Windows Client

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If you already have an OpenVPN program installed, it is best to un-install before continuing with the steps below

  1. Download the Windows client installer (link above)
  2. Navigate to your downloads folder (eg Downloads folder)
  3. Run the installer as administrator

    If your Virus Scanner/Windows Defender detects the installer, please allow/exclude it

    Celo OpenVPN Windows Installer Run as AdminCelo VPN Windows Install Allow
  4. Command prompt window will pop up for the installation.  Please wait 1-2min.  When finished, command prompt will close.
    Celo OpenVPN Installer CMD
  5. Launch CeloVPN GUI from the Windows start menu
    Celo VPN OpenVPN Windows Launch
  6. Right click on the icon in your task bar to view servers available
    Celo VPN OpenVPN Windows Server List
  7. Select a server location from the list, followed by your VPN username (not your email) and password
    Celo VPN OpenVPN Windows Server MenuCelo VPN OpenVPN Windows connect to server
  8. Click on Allow access on the Windows Security Alert
    Celo VPN OpenVPN Windows firewall setting

To disconnect from the VPN server, navigate to the same server location in the list of server, select disconnect

Celo VPN OpenVPN Windows Server Menu

Celo VPN OpenVPN Windows Disconenct Connect window



A good way to check your system for DNS leaks, visit DNS LEAK TEST and click on “Extended Test” This should show you a different IP to what you really have and different DNS servers (should not see your ISP name in the results)

Updated on January 18, 2020

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