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Setup your Tomoato flashed router with OpenVPN
OpenVPN Server Profiles

Download Here

  1. Download our OpenVPN Server Profiles and extract the .ZIP file.
  2. Navigate to where you extract the .ZIP file and choose a server/propfile you would like to setup
  3. Open the .ovpn file up in your favourite text editor (notepad, wordpad, notepad++, gedit, TextEdit etc). It should look something like the below
  4. Log into your tomato router via your web browser
  5. Click on VPN Tunneling > OpenVPN Client
  6. Set your settings to look like below
    – Server name = Enter in the server name you want to setup/connect. For example etc
    – Username and Password = Your VPN username and password
  7. Click on Advanced tab
  8. Copy and paste the below line in the “Custom Configuration” text box
    tls-crypt ta.key 1
  9. Go to back to your text editor where you have .ovpn file opened and copy and past the text from <tls-crypt> to </tls-crypt> like show in the below image
    Your Advanced settings should look like the below
  10. Click on Keys
  11. Go back to your text editor, copy and paste the lines between the <ca> lines like below into “Certificate Authority” text box
  12. Click on the Save button
  13. Enable IPv6
  14. Click on Save
  15. Click on Status > Start Now button

If successfully connected your Statistics should show like below

You can also check the log to make sure you are connected

In the log, look out for “Initialization Sequence Completed”

Updated on November 7, 2018

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